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Store your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells for your family

Expectant parents must make a lot of decisions when they prepare for their child’s birth. One of the most important of such decisions could be whether or not to preserve the baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells.

Stem cells may represent a treasure for the baby in the future and the moment of birth is only opportunity to collect them.

When selecting the company that can offer you the most reassurance in this important decision, you should take the following into consideration: experience, international support, high standards of quality and safety. So, it is not a difficult decision: Cryocell International Inc., represented in Peru by CryoCell del Perú S.A.

Fill out the form in the link information in your email with your personal data and we will send you our offer of service with information about stem cells, the laboratory, procedures, costs, payment options and PROMOTIONS. Then, we will call you up, so you can ask and solve any doubt. We serve parents all over the country.

We are your best choice!


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